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Pocket Coach is a sports tactics board application for coaching. If you are a coach then this app will help you create and find training drills, starting formations / lineup and game strategy / tactics.

We believe this coaching app is a perfect replacement for whiteboards and tactical boards and will improve your coaching.

Plan formations
Prepare and edit formations. Saved formations can easily be shown to players in the wardrobe or on the field.
Build strategies
Build and save animated strategies. Animated strategies are best for explaining new game tactics and training exercises.
Find new strategies
A public repository of strategies, that are used by other coaches can help you win, or at least inspire you with new ideas to create new strategies that best fit your team.

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I've created this app out of love for sports and I hope it will help you be a better coach. With this said, I offer a basic app for free, but I suggest you upgrade to the standard version. The standard version will unlock full app and help pay for maintenance of app and ☕.

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